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How to Improve Mobile Signal Strength

What if the GSM network seems to be weak?

FAQ: How can I improve my mobile signal strength?

The GSM network strength is dependent on the availability of GSM masts from your provider. To improve signal strength, you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your provider has a mast in the vicinity.

    You can verify this by taking the module outside and performing the GSM network strength test described in the manual.

  2. If there is no strong network, a SIM card from another provider could help.

    We recommend using the supplied Mobeye SIM card, which is roaming and not tied to any particular network provider. This means that the roaming SIM will always connect to the strongest available signal, regardless of the network. No single network is prioritized. As a result, your device can seamlessly switch between them.

  3. Use an extension cable.

    If you are sure that the mobile signal strength is adequate but not at the location of your Mobeye device, and you have a sensor connected to the device, you can use an extension cable to better position the device (GSM/antenna).

  4. Use an external antenna.

    Your Mobeye device can be equipped with an external antenna. To enable a SMA connector, a minor hardware change is required in the unit (different connector, fixed in the enclosure). If you already own a device, you can purchase an external antenna set as an add-on kit. You can choose a cable length of 30 cm, 250 cm, or 10 metres for the antenna that will be connected to this SMA connector. We will send you instructions on how to make this change. However, please keep in mind that the modification requires some technical skills. You will have to drill a small hole in the enclosure, and you’ll need to use a screwdriver to temporarily remove the PCB. If you are unsure about doing this on your own, please contact us to discuss the procedure and how we can assist you.

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