Medical Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring and power monitoring for medical fridges and freezers

For monitoring medicines and healthcare products you need a reliable fridge temperature monitor. A full medical fridge or freezer is worth much more than just the value of its content. It would be a disaster when your refrigerator fails overnight or over the weekend. You want to avoid wasted medicine and vaccines, or vital organic elements such as plasma and blood samples.

Maintaining and monitoring accurate refrigeration temperatures is of the greatest importance. And how to keep a refrigerator temperature log as directed in the regulations? The Mobeye fridge and freezer monitoring systems are a solution for this problem.

Temperature and power monitoring for medical fridges and freezers

Mobeye temperature monitors are ideal for cold chain management and refrigerator and freezer monitoring. The Mobeye temperature monitoring solutions provide medical companies with an efficient, low-cost way of knowing if a refrigerator is failing. The ThermoGuard CM2200 provides temperature alarm and power failure notifications by telephone call, email and SMS text message. The CML2255, CML2275 and CML2285 are suited for two sensors and allow you to log and present online medicinal storage information.

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Showing all 9 results