Vaccine Storage

Monitoring and logging of your vaccine storage temperatures is of great importance. Vaccine appearance is not a reliable indicator that vaccines have been stored in appropriate conditions. For example, inactivated vaccines, even when exposed to freezing temperatures, may not appear frozen, giving no indication of reduced or lost potency. Mobeye vaccine temperature monitoring devices are the solution for this problem.

The combination of alarming and logging, not needing internet at the location itself, makes the Mobeye vaccine temperature monitoring devices very flexible and usable for maintaining vaccine quality using a cold chain that meets specific temperature requirements.

Cold Chain Vaccine Storage

For healthcare providers and professionals is managing the vaccine inventory and transport and preventing errors in their storage and handling of vaccines of the greatest importance.

The Mobeye temperature monitoring kits (CM2200 w/PSU, CML2255 w/PSU) are recommended by international NGO’s and are used in clinics, health departments, hospital pharmacies, field hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Mobeye chooses for a digital temperature sensor for reasons of both accuracy and customer convenience.

The Mobeye Internet Portal is a powerful management and information tool. The Internet Portal provides an overview of all your devices and shows logged values and historical events.

See also: Temperature Monitoring Systems Compared.

vaccine storage monitoring
Internet Portal for vaccine storage monitoring and logging

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