UFL to SMA Antenna Adapter Cable – 14cm

Brand: Mobeye

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UFL-SMA connector.
External antennas can boost the network signal to your cellular device. Many external antennas have an SMA connector. Use this cable to convert a UFL connector to SMA.

  • Connector: UFL female – SMA male
  • Article: AC-UFL-SMA14
  • Cable Length: 14 cm
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UFL to SMA Cable

Cable (AC-UFL-SMA14) is used to change the antenna connection from UFL to SMA. External antennas can enhance the network signal for your mobile device. Many external antennas come with an SMA connector. You can use this cable to convert a UFL connector to SMA.

Our Mobeye devices feature a UFL connector on the PCB. The UFL to SMA cable can be used to convert a UFL antenna connection into an SMA connection.

PLEASE NOTE: In standard Mobeye devices, the internal antenna is integrated into the housing. For areas with a weak GSM signal, we recommend choosing one of the antenna kits. The antenna kit already includes the UFL-SMA cable.

Key Features

  • Connector: UFL female – SMA male.
  • Length of cable: 14cm.
  • Can also be used for other products.


For more information on weak GSM signal, read the FAQ: How to improve the mobile signal strength?



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